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Looking for a new job is a difficult and daunting process at the best of times however with the current upheaval in the healthcare sector, it can be much more difficult finding any job much less the right one for career development. More people are looking for jobs making it more competitive just getting in front of the hiring manager.

This is where Magnetic Recruitment can help.

When people find themselves out of work due to market forces they can feel apprehensive and unsure of their next steps but due to the specialist market knowledge of Magnetic Recruitment consultants we are able to identify other opportunities within other companies which will not only expand your skill set but offer you career progression. Companies in a difficult economy who recruit the best candidates in the market, are the quickest to respond when the market recovers.

So whether you are being made redundant, just browsing the job press to see what’s out there or actively looking for a move send your CV asap to, use the form to the right hand side of this page or cll us on 0203 290 6290 and we will be happy to discuss potential opportunities with you.



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